2nd Mortgage

2nd Mortgage loans are generally used when homeowners wish to borrow money against the existing equity in their home. This is done for several reasons. Some examples are 1) to make home improvements, 2) to fund their children's education or 3) to consolidate debts. These loans are called 2nd mortgages because they are taken in addition to the existing mortgage on the home. A 2nd mortgage usually has a higher interest rate and is for a shorter term than the initial home mortgage. Sometimes the mortgage may also require a balloon payment, i.e. a large single payment at the end of the term.

2nd mortgages allow homeowners to reduce their monthly payments on their bills by consolidating their debt. The allowable tax deductions could save a substantial amount of money. In addition, the 2nd mortgage rate could be lowered when the homeowner does not have bad credit. The mortgage usually has a fixed amount and a predetermined repayment schedule. Sometimes, a lender may offer lines of credit on 2nd mortgages. This allows the borrower to obtain cash advances with a credit card or even write a check up to a certain credit limit.

Home buyers and mortgage shoppers should always compare rates before selecting a mortgage lender in order to get the lowest mortgage rate available. When you compare the mortgage rates multiple lenders, you can see which lender is willing to give you the lowest mortgage rate. But remember, Just because one lender gives you the lowest home mortgage rate at the time, does not mean that you have to settle for that particular rate or lender, it only means that you have more room to negotiate for the lowest rate possible from another lender.

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