Interest Only Loan

An Interest Only Loan is a good means of either increasing your home purchasing power or maximizing your flexibility to control cash flow. You can save a significant amount of cash for investment, savings, or other expenditures during the first ten years of your interest only mortgage loan.

Interest only loans are also a solid strategy to maximize tax deductibility, with more funds available for paying down higher cost, non-deductible consumer debt. With these loans, the minimum payment required covers interest only. You, the borrower, decide how much or how little of the principal to repay each month.

With an interest only loan, home buyers typically decide on a monthly mortgage payment that they feel comfortable with and either qualify for more home, or have more cash in reserve for investment, paying down higher-cost debt, or making home improvements.

Take advantage of this innovative approach to home financing and realize the double benefits of more affordable payments plus improved cash flow. Compare interest only loans today!

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